Bieman Haas would like to offer its customers a complete and well-balanced product range. Through cooperation with various brands, Bieman Haas can offer a full range of products at different price levels. As a result, the company is able to serve both the amateur and the professional rider.


ANKY® is committed to developing appealing products for different levels within the equestrian sports, whether you are an amateur rider or a professional. ANKY® clothing and equestrian equipment fits perfectly to the needs and requirements of the modern rider during daily training and competitions. The latest product innovations, high-tech materials and fashion trends are included in the collections. ANKY® products have a distinct and unique character. Expertise and experience are at the base of each new product development.

BR Equestrian Equipment

BR is one of the most innovative top brands in the equestrian world. During the development of new products BR uses high-quality, technical materials and modern production methods. BR is always on the lookout for new trends in equestrian sports. In addition, BR uses the knowledge and experience of top riders.


Premiere stands for an extensive range of products for both horse and rider. Premiere products are known for their surprisingly low price in relation to the good quality. Premiere brings useful products in line with the latest trends and developments in the market. Because the market is continuously changing, Premiere will regularly introduce new products.


WHIS is the market leader in equestrian instruction systems that enable trainers to give remote coaching to riders. Riders around the world use WHIS products to their complete satisfaction. WHIS – Wireless Horse Instruction Systems was founded in 2013 by Judith Hendriks. WHIS is an established name in equestrian sport worldwide, and is used in more than 40 countries. The instruction system is used on a limited scale outside the equestrian sector, but is suitable for use in other sectors where teams work together.



Absorbine offers an extensive range of care products for horses, including veterinary products, fly control, hoof care and coat care. Absorbine is a high-quality brand, which has proven itself over the years. The brand was founded in 1892.


Acavallo is an Italian brand known for its innovative riding equipment. The company mainly specializes in products with shock-absorbing properties. This is an important feature for products like half pads, bandages and horse boots. Acavallo products are designed is such a way that they will benefit the comfort of both horse and rider.

Animal Lovers

Animal Lovers is specialised in the production of premium baked reward products (or treats) for horses. All their products are made of human food grade raw materials. The power of Animal Lovers lies in the ability to convert complex products into perfect looking "snacks", which have an extremely high level of acceptance by the horse.

Carr & Day & Martin

Founded in 1765, Carr & Day & Martin is the world’s oldest company involved in the manufacture of horse care products. The products can be divided into four categories: leather, coat, hoof and health. The company pays close attention to the quality, the ease of use and the luxurious appearance of its products.

Horsemen's Pride

Horsemen’s Pride was founded in 1976 and the company has developed into a leading manufacturer in the field of horse toys to prevent stable vices and boredom. One of Horsemen’s Pride most famous products is the Jolly Ball, which is available in diffferent versions.


Likit specializes in making innovative toys and tasty treats for horses, which help to prevent stable boredom. The formulation for Likits was developed in conjunction with a top equine nutritionist and all products undergo stringent quality controls to guarantee that they reach you in first class condition.


Metalab makes hardware for equestrian sports. Their expertise in hardware results in beautiful and solid products. High-tech research, which includes state-of-the-art laboratory testing and the most modern and advanced production techniques and equipment, assures top quality products.


Quistel® was developed to combat and prevent coat and skin problems, such as flaking of the skin, itch and unnatural loss of hair. In actual practice, Quistel® tackles all relevant skin issues. Quistel® products are produced without any chemical addition. For this reason, they cannot be compared to any animal shampoo or lotion whatsoever.

Robinson Animal Healthcare

Robinson Animal Healthcare has an established reputation as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of equine first aid items, woundcare products and absorbents, such as products of the leading brands Animalintex and Veterinair Gamgee. These products have been extensively tested by riders and provide a complete solution for first aid needs for riders and veterinarians.


The SoloComb concept was developed as an alternative to scissors. It has taken the equine market by storm since then due to its simplicity and ability to solve problem manes and tails. Other products have joined SoloComb and they are now collectively known as SoloGroom products. The brand is based around the concepts of simple, well designed, humane grooming answers to nature’s manes, tails and coats.


Stubbs is an ancient household word when it comes to stable and tack room equipment. Their well-designed, finely-crafted goods can be found in some of the leading stables around the world, renowned for their trustworthiness from Australia to Zimbabwe. All products are made in Britain.


Suevia is manufacturer of high-quality products for the agricultural sector. Since 1923 the company has specialized in the development and production of an extensive range of drinking systems. Their years of experience and close cooperation with people working in the agricultural sector and researchers form an excellent foundation for the development of their products.


Tekna is the ulimate illusion. Tekna produces a complete tack line made of synthetic material. This innovative material is barely distinguishable from real leather. In addition, the low maintenance material provides grip, is extremely comfortable for both rider and horse and is particularly affordable.

Wahl / Moser / Lister

Wahl is an expert in the field of clippers. The company brings out various types under the brand Wahl and under the well-known brands Moser and Lister. The clippers are perfect for horse grooming and clipping and they particularly excel in ease of use.

Young Line 

Through intensive research in close cooperation with the Danish Government’s Agricultural Technical Research, the manufacturer of the Young Line products has developed a special plastic that is ideal for agricultural use. This plastic features a supreme quality and is hygienic and UV resistant.