About Bieman de Haas


Bieman de Haas is a wholesale business offering equestrian equipment. The company is now run by the fourth generation of the Den Bieman family. More than 65 enthusiastic and committed employees are working on the import and export of goods every day. Currently, Bieman de Haas BV imports from more than 35 countries and exports to more than 40 countries world-wide. The company is headquartered in Boven-Leeuwen (the Netherlands) and has one more office in Hangzhou (China) and a distribution centre in Ontario (Canada). Bieman de Haas is market leader in the Benelux and is among the top 5 largest wholesalers of equestrian goods in Europe. Bieman de Haas is owner of the well-known equestrian brands BR®, Premiere, Doc Heritage and ANKY®. The last of these was initially founded by multiple Olympic champion Anky van Grunsven.

History Bieman de Haas

In 1928, saddlery/ropery Bieman was founded. In the early years, the company was mainly occupied with manufacturing ropes and leather goods for the agricultural sector. All leather articles needed on a farm were produced. In addition, Bieman produced for other companies as well, such as harnesses for the horses of the former Dutch distribution company Van Gend & Loos.

In the mid-sixties, the company decided – in part due to the far-reaching mechanization in the agricultural sector – to produce solely for equestrian sports. In addition, it was decided that the company would from now on only distribute to retailers. During this period, distributed products were mainly goods of own making. In the mid-seventies, the company expanded its activities to the field of wholesale. Bieman de Haas imported from various countries and obtained the representation of several brands (initially solely) for the Dutch equestrian market. In this way, Bieman de Haas could offer a broader product range to the retailer.

In the eighthies, Bieman de Haas created its own BR brand. This own brand was launched alongside the imported brands. Later on, the Premiere brand was developed in order to serve customers who look for reliable products in a lower price range. Since the nineties, export activities were expanded from the Benelux to the rest of Europe. Since then, the wholesale activities have been booming. From 2010, Bieman de Haas has taken steps to further strengthen its position in the international market. For example, the brand ANKY®, which was initially founded by multiple Olympic champion Anky van Grunsven, was acquired by Bieman de Haas in 2012. In 2016, Bieman de Haas took over the Canadian company Comfort Equestrian.

Own brands Bieman de Haas

BR Equestrian Equipment

In 1988, we introduced our own exclusive brand “BR” (Bieman Riding). By now, BR has developed into a recognized brand that is synonymous with quality within the equestrian world. Riding safely requires good equipment for both horse and rider. BR aspires to make a qualitative contribution to riding now and in the future. The brand would like to relieve riders of worries and allow them to enjoy riding to the fullest.

BR is one of the most innovative top brands in the equestrian world. Focusing on making stylish products of good quality at an affordable price, BR offers stylish designs with attention to detail, material, fit and functionality, always guided by trends and market developments. During the development of new products BR uses high-quality, technical materials and modern production methods. BR is always on the lookout for new trends in equestrian sports. In addition, BR uses the knowledge and experience of top riders, like Jos Lansink, who has cooperated with BR for many years. The products are tested by our own employees as well, because many of them actively take part in equestrian sports.

Twice a year - in spring and autumn - BR presents new seasonal clothing and horsewear collections. The functional and fashionable clothing matches beautifully with the BR horsewear collection. BR offers basic items as well. These timeless basic items are available throughout the year. BR has extensive product ranges for recreational riders as well as competitive riders, breeders and, of course, professionals. The assortment is constantly in a state of flux due to the market developments.

In 1998 Anky van Grunsven launched ANKY® Technical Casuals. Triple Olympic Champion Anky van Grunsven was convinced that there was a huge need for a fashionable line of clothing and related products, which combines technical materials with optimal comfort, quality and usability. Since 2012 ANKY® Technical Casuals is part of Bieman de Haas BV.

ANKY® offers the perfect balance between comfort and design. Anky van Grunsven is really devoted to composing, designing and testing the collections. All ANKY® articles are manufactured with high-tech materials with specific technical functionalities and properties which makes them suitable for many different sporting activities.  

When Anky first created this line her goal was to produce a range of clothing for sporting amateurs and professionals. Clothes that help them perform at their best in all weather conditions, whilst remaining comfortable and fashionable. After the introduction in 1998, ANKY® established themselves as a well-known brand in the equestrian world. ANKY® cooperates closely with leading suppliers of high- tech materials to ensure access to the latest developments in high- tech material innovations. Our technologies have been tested in a variety of highly respected laboratories and practical wear trails. The result has been nothing less than excellent. 

ANKY® continues to enjoy throughout the field of equestrian sports both at the amateur and professional levels. ANKY® clothing and horse wear fits in perfectly with the needs and requirements during daily training and competitions. ANKY® provides consumers within in the equestrian field with specialised clothes and equipment. Latest product innovations, high tech materials and fashion trends are included. ANKY® has an unmistakable and unique signature. Expertise and experience are the basis for product development.

Premiere stands for an extensive range of products for both horse and rider. Premiere products are known for their surprisingly low price in relation to the good quality. Premiere brings useful products in line with the latest trends and developments in the market. Because the market is continuously changing, Premiere will regularly introduce new products.

WHIS is the market leader in equestrian instruction systems that enable trainers to give remote coaching to riders. Riders around the world use WHIS products to their complete satisfaction. WHIS – Wireless Horse Instruction Systems was founded in 2013 by Judith Hendriks. WHIS is an established name in equestrian sport worldwide, and is used in more than 40 countries. The instruction system is used on a limited scale outside the equestrian sector, but is suitable for use in other sectors where teams work together.